San Diego Kitchen and Bath Home Remodeling Solutions


We are a kitchen and bath remodeling group of contractors .we are based in San Diego and we have all kitchen and bath solutions for you. We are a well-known group of contractors who are not only experienced but also have a record for the good work that we do. We are also licensed. Therefore, our company is legal. We listen to all our customers and we give quality guidance and service to our customers. To us, you are the most thing we can concentrate on meaning, we value our customers. We have different services that we offer ranging from the kitchen category to bath remodeling category and finally the home addition category. We would love to be your light in the remodeling of your home. Contact us at San Diego kitchen and bath remodeling to welcome our quality services right at your doorstep.



Categories that San Diego kitchen and bath remodeling solutions deal in

  1. Kitchen remodeling
  2. Bath remodeling
  3. Home addition


  • Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is the process of improving the condition of your kitchen. Remodeling of your kitchen might mean that you start the whole kitchen from scratch or you choose to make further improvements to the current kitchen. At San Diego kitchen contractors, we have staff who are professionals and experience in the kitchen remodeling sector. We have been in this field long enough to understand almost everything concerning kitchen remodeling. If your kitchen is old, or maybe you just want to change your kitchen look, contact us at San Diego kitchen remodeling contractors for our services. We will give you consultation and we will make sure that you make the correct choice for your kitchen.


Kitchen Remodeling services that San Diego offer

  • Kitchen designs
  • Restaurant kitchen remodeling
  • Kitchen cabinet remodeling
  • Kitchen countertops remodeling
  • Kitchen tiles and stones
  • Kitchen sinks fixtures and faucets
  • Kitchen windows and doors
  • Kitchen painting
  • Kitchen flooring
  • Kitchen accessories

We do both residential and restaurant kitchen remodeling but restaurant remodeling is our major depending on the market. Therefore, we will discuss clearly the services that we offer to make you deeply understand what we deeply in the kitchen category.



      Restaurant Kitchen Remodeling

As discussed earlier, this is the major remodeling that we deal in because of its demand. We have experts who have been in the restaurant remodeling for a long time and have ever done a good job since we started the company. We have testimonials and records of each and every work we have ever dealt with. We are glad to be your remodeling contractor, assuring you that we are the best. Under restaurant kitchen remodeling, we have things that you should keep in mind just before remodeling your restaurant kitchen. This is to ensure that you make the right decision and good choices when remodeling your kitchen.


What to consider before starting a restaurant kitchen

  • Is it economical?

Before setting up a restaurant or before remodeling a restaurant kitchen, make sure that that restaurant kitchen is economically friendly. This will help save money and reduce on other possible costs in the future.

  • Is it well aerated?

Choose a kitchen design that is well aerated. This will make sure that air circulation is maximized to avoid incidences such as suffocation.

  • Is it easy to use?

Choose a kitchen design that your chefs and your employees will have an easy time working in it. Choose countertops that are easy to clean, floors that are maintainable, cabinet systems that are easily accessible and easy supervision of work.

  • Is it universal?

Choose a kitchen design for your restaurant that is universal. By this I mean, your kitchen design should be able to accommodate each and every kind of people. That is, both tall and short people should be able to use. The heavy and slender too should be able to be accommodated in the kitchen. Anyone working in the kitchen shouldn’t have difficulties working because of the design you have chosen.


What restaurant kitchen designs do we offer?

As our customer, you might be wondering what kitchen designs we deal in. this is because there are so many kitchen designs and you might want to choose from the list that we have. Well, we have different kitchen designs that we offer for both restaurants and your residential home. We will give details of the designs to enable you to choose the design that you want for your restaurant kitchen. Some of the restaurant designs that we deal in will be discussed below.

  • Restaurant kitchen designs fitted with sections

This is a type of restaurant kitchen design that has zones. The zones are specifically meant for different restaurant activities. For example, we have a zone for cleaning, a zone for cooking, a zone for serving and a zone for storage. The activities for different zones are strictly monitored to remain in the correct zone. This makes work easier, avoid confusion and makes supervision of work easier.

  • Line kitchen design

This is a kitchen design that is commonly used in restaurants that are meant for fast moving foods. If you choose this restaurant kitchen design, it will mean that your restaurant space is minimal, the food you are selling are fast moving such as fries and you want to simply minimize on the dishes in your restaurant.

  • Restaurant kitchen design with the main activity at the center

In this type of kitchen design, most of the activities are done in the central place. Therefore, the central place is fitted with tables, countertops and cooking places. The area around the walls in this kind of kitchen design is used for cleaning.

  • Open restaurant kitchen

This is a type of kitchen that is open. This type of kitchen is fitted with restaurants that customers view what is being prepared. This type of kitchen is also good in ventilation .it means, air circulation in this design of a restaurant is good.

 The above discussed are some of the restaurant kitchen designs that we offer. Contact us at San Diego kitchen contractors to receive the best kitchen remodeling services.


Restaurant cabinet remodeling

This is the second service that we offer in the restaurant kitchen. We have good cabinets’ designs and materials that we recommend for your kitchen cabinet. When setting up a kitchen cabinet, make sure that you set a universal cabinet where all the employees can access without difficulties. The materials that we recommend under your cabinet remodeling include:

Teddy Wood, Marilla Masterpiece, Marsh Furniture, custom cabinets, Solid Wood Construction, Dovetail to Stainless Steel Drawer, Soft- Close Features, Stain, Paint, Exotic Veneers and High Gloss. These materials will make your cabinets not only long lasting but also smart and attractive.



Kitchen countertops remodeling

This is another remodeling service that we do under the restaurant kitchen remodeling. We encourage the use of material such as Marble, Corian, Quartz, Glass, Tile, Granite, Quartzite, Cambria, Caesar stone and Pompeii for your countertops and surface remodeling.

 Do you want your restaurant kitchen to look good again? San Diego kitchen remodelers are the best solution for you. Contact us and we will be at your service.



  • Bath remodeling

Bath remodeling is the second largest remodeling category that we deal in. we offer various bath remodeling services and we also offer consultation for our clients. The services that we deal in under bath remodeling include:

  • Shower and tab installation
  • Bathroom countertops replacement and installation
  • Shower doors and enclosures
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Bath walls surround
  • Jacuzzi and Spa Tubs

We have specialized bathroom contractors who are qualified in bathroom remodeling services. We install tabs and showers in homes and commercial areas. We also install countertops that are good and attractive to your place. We make sure that your shower doors are waterproof to avoid the damages that might be caused by water. We make sure we fit your cabinet at a universal place or area. This makes it easy for anyone to access it .we also offer Jacuzzi and spa tubs for our clients.


  • Home additions

Home additions are the third category that we deal in. a home addition is like adding a room to the existing home .it might be adding a new room or just renovating the existing room for different reasons. We have a group of specialized who will gladly help you in adding your home.

Contact us at San Diego kitchen and bath remodeling solutions for all your remodeling needs. We are reliable and we act very fast to act.

Kitchen remodeling will only be successful when you entrust the whole process in the hands of the right professionals.  San Diego Kitchen & Bath Home Remodeling Solutions is the best choice when looking for kitchen and bath professionals. The company has the right employees and equipment to work on these tasks. We also use the right industry approved methods when handling this project. You can be sure of very attractive kitchen and bath areas that will stand out from the rest. You can be sure that anyone who comes across your project will be impressed.